Source code for spectree.models

import re
from enum import Enum
from typing import Any, Dict, Optional, Sequence, Set

from ._pydantic import BaseModel, Field, root_validator, validator

# OpenAPI names validation regexp
OpenAPI_NAME_RE = re.compile(r"^[A-Za-z0-9-._]+")

class ExternalDocs(BaseModel):
    description: str = ""
    url: str

[docs] class Tag(BaseModel): """OpenAPI tag object""" name: str description: str = "" externalDocs: Optional[ExternalDocs] = None def __str__(self): return
[docs] class ValidationErrorElement(BaseModel): """Model of a validation error response element.""" loc: Sequence[str] = Field( ..., title="Missing field name", ) msg: str = Field( ..., title="Error message", ) type: str = Field( ..., title="Error type", ) ctx: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = Field( None, title="Error context", )
[docs] class ValidationError(BaseModel): """Model of a validation error response.""" __root__: Sequence[ValidationErrorElement]
[docs] class SecureType(str, Enum): HTTP = "http" API_KEY = "apiKey" OAUTH_TWO = "oauth2" OPEN_ID_CONNECT = "openIdConnect"
[docs] class InType(str, Enum): HEADER = "header" QUERY = "query" COOKIE = "cookie"
type_req_fields: Dict[SecureType, Set[str]] = { SecureType.HTTP: {"scheme"}, SecureType.API_KEY: {"name", "field_in"}, SecureType.OAUTH_TWO: {"flows"}, SecureType.OPEN_ID_CONNECT: {"openIdConnectUrl"}, }
[docs] class SecuritySchemeData(BaseModel): """ Security scheme data """ type: SecureType = Field(..., description="Secure scheme type") description: Optional[str] = Field( None, description="A short description for security scheme.", ) name: Optional[str] = Field( None, description="The name of the header, query or cookie parameter to be used.", ) field_in: Optional[InType] = Field( None, alias="in", description="The location of the API key." ) scheme: Optional[str] = Field( None, description="The name of the HTTP Authorization scheme." ) bearerFormat: Optional[str] = Field( None, description=( "A hint to the client to identify how the bearer token is formatted." ), ) flows: Optional[dict] = Field( None, description=( "Containing configuration information for the flow types supported." ), ) openIdConnectUrl: Optional[str] = Field( None, description="OpenId Connect URL to discover OAuth2 configuration values." ) @root_validator def check_type_required_fields(cls, values: dict): exist_fields = {key for key in values if values[key]} if not values.get("type"): raise ValueError("Type field is required") if not type_req_fields[values["type"]].issubset(exist_fields): raise ValueError( f"For `{values['type']}` type " f"`{', '.join(type_req_fields[values['type']])}` field(s) is required. " f"But only found `{', '.join(exist_fields)}`." ) return values class Config: validate_assignment = True
[docs] class SecurityScheme(BaseModel): """ Named security scheme """ name: str = Field( ..., description="Custom security scheme name. Can only contain - [A-Za-z0-9-._]", ) data: SecuritySchemeData = Field(..., description="Security scheme data") @validator("name") def check_name(cls, value: str): if not OpenAPI_NAME_RE.fullmatch(value): raise ValueError("Name not match OpenAPI rules") return value class Config: validate_assignment = True
[docs] class Server(BaseModel): """ Servers section of OAS """ url: str = Field( ..., description="""URL or path of API server (may be parametrized with using \"variables\" section - for more information, see: )""", ) description: Optional[str] = Field( None, description="Custom server description for server URL", ) variables: Optional[dict] = Field( None, description="Variables for customizing server URL", ) class Config: validate_assignment = True
[docs] class BaseFile: """ An uploaded file included as part of the request data. """ @classmethod def __get_validators__(cls): # one or more validators may be yielded which will be called in the # order to validate the input, each validator will receive as an input # the value returned from the previous validator yield cls.validate @classmethod def __modify_schema__(cls, field_schema: Dict[str, Any]) -> None: field_schema.update(format="binary", type="string") @classmethod def validate(cls, value: Any): # return value