Source code for spectree.config

import warnings
from enum import Enum
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Dict, List, Mapping, Optional, Union

from ._pydantic import AnyUrl, BaseModel, BaseSettings, EmailStr, root_validator
from .models import SecurityScheme, Server
from .page import DEFAULT_PAGE_TEMPLATES

# Fall back to a str field if email-validator is not installed.
    EmailFieldType = str
        EmailFieldType = EmailStr
    except ImportError:
        EmailFieldType = str

[docs] class ModeEnum(str, Enum): """the mode of the SpecTree validator""" #: includes undecorated routes and routes decorated by this instance normal = "normal" #: only includes routes decorated by this instance strict = "strict" #: includes all the routes greedy = "greedy"
[docs] class Contact(BaseModel): """contact information""" #: name of the contact name: str #: contact url url: Optional[AnyUrl] = None #: contact email address email: Optional[EmailFieldType] = None
[docs] class License(BaseModel): """license information""" #: name of the license name: str #: license url url: Optional[AnyUrl] = None
[docs] class Configuration(BaseSettings): # OpenAPI configurations #: title of the service title: str = "Service API Document" #: service OpenAPI document description description: Optional[str] = None #: service version version: str = "0.1.0" #: terms of service url terms_of_service: Optional[AnyUrl] = None #: author contact information contact: Optional[Contact] = None #: license information license: Optional[License] = None # SpecTree configurations #: OpenAPI doc route path prefix (i.e. /apidoc/) path: str = "apidoc" #: OpenAPI file route path suffix (i.e. /apidoc/openapi.json) filename: str = "openapi.json" #: OpenAPI version (doesn't affect anything) openapi_version: str = "3.0.3" #: the mode of the SpecTree validator :class:`ModeEnum` mode: ModeEnum = ModeEnum.normal #: A dictionary of documentation page templates. The key is the #: name of the template, that is also used in the URL path, while the value is used #: to render the documentation page content. (Each page template should contain a #: `{spec_url}` placeholder, that'll be replaced by the actual OpenAPI spec URL in #: the rendered documentation page page_templates: Dict[str, str] = DEFAULT_PAGE_TEMPLATES #: opt-in type annotation feature, see the README examples annotations: bool = False #: servers section of OAS :py:class:`spectree.models.Server` servers: Optional[List[Server]] = [] #: OpenAPI `securitySchemes` :py:class:`spectree.models.SecurityScheme` security_schemes: Optional[List[SecurityScheme]] = None #: OpenAPI `security` JSON at the global level security: Union[Dict[str, List[str]], List[Dict[str, List[str]]]] = {} # Swagger OAuth2 configs #: OAuth2 client id client_id: str = "" #: OAuth2 client secret client_secret: str = "" #: OAuth2 realm realm: str = "" #: OAuth2 app name app_name: str = "spectree_app" #: OAuth2 scope separator scope_separator: str = " " #: OAuth2 scopes scopes: List[str] = [] #: OAuth2 additional query string params additional_query_string_params: Dict[str, str] = {} #: OAuth2 use basic authentication with access code grant use_basic_authentication_with_access_code_grant: bool = False #: OAuth2 use PKCE with authorization code grant use_pkce_with_authorization_code_grant: bool = False class Config: env_prefix = "spectree_" validate_assignment = True @root_validator(pre=True) def convert_to_lower_case(cls, values: Mapping[str, Any]) -> Dict[str, Any]: return {k.lower(): v for k, v in values.items()} @property def spec_url(self) -> str: return f"/{self.path}/{self.filename}"
[docs] def swagger_oauth2_config(self) -> Dict[str, str]: """ return the swagger UI OAuth2 configs ref: """ if self.client_secret: warnings.warn( "Do not use client_secret in production", UserWarning, stacklevel=1 ) config = self.dict( include={ "client_id", "client_secret", "realm", "app_name", "scope_separator", "scopes", "additional_query_string_params", "use_basic_authentication_with_access_code_grant", "use_pkce_with_authorization_code_grant", } ) config["use_basic_authentication_with_access_code_grant"] = ( "true" if config["use_basic_authentication_with_access_code_grant"] else "false" ) config["use_pkce_with_authorization_code_grant"] = ( "true" if config["use_pkce_with_authorization_code_grant"] else "false" ) return config
def openapi_info(self) -> Dict[str, str]: info = self.dict( include={ "title", "description", "version", "terms_of_service", "contact", "license", }, exclude_none=True, ) if info.get("terms_of_service") is not None: info["termsOfService"] = info.pop("terms_of_service") return info